26 Sep2011

wallpapers, signatures & icons

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Today I went through all the signatures and icons I have made over the years to see wich ones are actually good enough to keep and even post on the side. I must say it really made me smile, because between all these dozens of files, were my very first attempts at making signatures and icons! I mean they are just simply images that I typed some text over! lol No effects no nothing!

What I really liked though was to see my knowledge of Photoshop growing throughout the many signatures I made. I mean, you can see exactly when I learned something new with the program, because from then on out I would start using it!

Something I wouldn’t dare keep from you is this; My very first wallpaper! I made it in photoshop, with nothing more than a mouse and a drawing I had scanned at my neighbour’s house!


Compare it to one of the latest signatures I have made, after I made discoveries like, layers, brushes, transparancy etc. 😉 :

perfection in seduction 500x150

angel sanctuary 500x150

Lol I remember that I used to change my signature on forums almost daily, because I liked making them so much! Now unfortunatly I hardly have the time to visit forums anymore, let alone inding the time to constantly change my signature and icon.


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